About Us

Quality Service is our top priority.
ICO Weezards is a team of industry leaders providing professional blockchain projects development, ICO launch, and marketing services.

We are a team drawn from various ICO project completed in recent past. We’ve guided successful ICO projects right from idea conceptualization, market research, whitepaper development, public relations, launch, and substantial investment. Through our experiences, we have mastered the craft of bringing success from the simplest to the most complex of blockchain projects.

Quality is our top priority !

Our knowledge and expertise plus think outside the box solutions will empower your company and ICO project. Also, we know loads about the mistakes made by unsuccessful projects and we have well-crafted solutions to avoid and correct them in order to have a successful ICO.

We offer consultation and in-depth research on new cryptocurrency markets, trends, marketing strategies, best trading strategies, Initial Coin Offerings, ICO Whitepaper review, marketing channels, branding.