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ICO services offered by this platform range from ICO whitepapers, ICO marketing, research and content. We understand that in the ever increasing competitive landscape of ICOs, only the unicorns stand out. Having worked with over a dozen ICOs we have gathered working insights, resources, tips to propel your ICO to the next level. It is longer enogh juts to post on platforms, message needs to be tweaked, sent in various forms, times and follow ups to ensure a higher conversion rates. more importantly, it is important to ensure the value proposition is captured and understood by the audience. This can be done through graphical design images, videos and other mechanism.

Furthermore, it is important to have shorter version of pitch decks that go straight to the point, highlighting the opportunity for investors. Platforms such as Reddit and Bitcointalk remain invaluable to ensuring your ICO project meets the right audience in order to supplement other efforts of marketing. These platforms need constant engagement in order to drive the required results.

Our services start from ensuring the whitepaper is well drafted with all the appropriate sections such as market overview, product description, token economics, roadmap among others. We also help in market research and content related to your project whether it is weekly press releases, product updates, partnerships or any other content related to your project. As for ICO marketing, we help fist ion coming up with an appropriate ICO marketing plan suitable for your project and different outlets and mediums appropriate for the project. we can do weekly community management on forums such as Reddit, Telegram and the all important ANNOUNCEMENT thread on Bitcointalk. We can help in promotions on other platforms such as publicizing press releases, ICO listing among others. you can view our Icoweezards services section outlining our core services. Our cutting-edge aspect is that we customize your project based on your needs and not just anything in the market. Get in touch to get started.email: info@icoweezards.com to also get brochure of the services we offer.

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We offer consultation and in-depth research on new cryptocurrency markets, trends, marketing strategies, best trading strategies, Initial Coin Offerings, ICO Whitepaper review, marketing channels, branding.